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Here's a bunch of handy info. It's taken from the Divisional newsletter.

  • Saturday, August 28th: Diamond Division DCM
    Where: Wilson Park: 2200 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance, Ca. (all the way in the back)
    When: 3pm-4pm
    And…: Lisa Mar, our LtG, promises to bring treats for those who come :)

    Also, there are two events coming up that we need a head count for. So, please decide if you would like to go. We're asking for at least 15 people to go to each, so please go if you are interested. These are great projects to get your hours done for September :)

  • Saturday, September 11th: “Operation Teddy Bear”
    What: Tina Blakeman at the Volunteer Center at the Torrance Library is putting together “Operation Teddy Bear.” She has 12 palletts of books that will be sorted and placed in gift boxes along with other items for young children in need. This project will cover children in need for Torrance, Harbor City, Carson, Gardena and down to the LA Harbor and parts of Long Beach.
    When: The morning of September 11, 2004. Early in the morning. Exact times will be announced soon.
    AND…: We need a lot of people to come. This is an important divisional event and Lisa would like at least 10 people to go. Please consider helping out.

  • Saturday, September 18th: Salvation Army Health Fair
    What: Volunteering “social” for our Division. It is really important to support our Kiwanians and this is a Kiwanis-sponsored event. This is a great volunteer opportunity for everyone
    Where: Salvation Army Torrance Corps facility at 4223 Emerald Street (at Earl) in Torrance
    When: 8 AM until 3 PM -lunch provided (hot dog, chips and soda).
    1st Shift) 8 AM-12 noon (2nd Shift) 11 AM-3 PM.

    AND…: Friday night from 3 PM to about 5 PM, taking the tables out of storage and set them up in the hall and assembly areas. It is very important that two students from each club help with this.
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